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So called “Luther trees” are no common trees. They are named after the person, for whom they were planted, than after the sort of tree. In this case the trees obviously are planted in memory of the great reformer Dr Martin Luther (1483 – 1546).


Luther trees are mostly oak, beech or lime trees, which were planted e.g. for Luther’s 400th birthday in 1883 or in 1917 for the 400th jubilee of the reformation.

All in all especially the historical Luther tree plantings are typical for the German speeking context. But by the Luther garden in Wittenberg many trees have been planted globally – and who knows, maybe much more trees will be planted in the future?

So how to find
such a Luther tree?

Streets an squares

Often streets and squares are named after Martin Luther and have a tree planted close to it.


Another starting point could be your parish: In the archives you might find some documentary on a tree planting. You don’t have to go back in time too much, because the most trees are planted in the late 19th century.

In most parishes or communities there are annalists, who are familiar with special historical events.
They know about memorial trees and are also the right persons to talk to, when it comes to reading old scriptures.


The homepages or public relation officers of churches are also helpful contact points: Sometimes maps of existing Luther tree’s have already been created, e.g. in the Evangelical-Lutheran regional church of Saxony:
Younger plantings are mostly well documented by the public relation offices of the churches.

Internationally well known is the Luther garden in Wittenberg/Germany
( There, most different churches from all over the world plant trees for the 500th anniversary of the reformation. These trees are complemented by corresponding trees in the single churches.

Did you find a Luther tree? Please register it for our map – best enriched with additional information like history, some pictures or even a short video clip.



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  1. Vielen dank für den aufklärenden Artikel. Ich finde die Lutherbäume sind eine gute Idee. Wenn ich meinen nächsten Aufenthalt in einem Hotel in der Lutherstadt Wittenberg habe, dann werde ich auch einen Lutherbaum besuchen.

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