Plant a tree

save the future

There is no tree at your place or there once was one, which was cut in the past, and you want to plant a new tree?

Then you need others to help you.


The tree should be located on public ground. The easiest way might be to convince the local parish. Please contact the church council. Another possibility is to contact the mayor or the director of the municipality. They might not be enthusiastic right from the beginning and you need a lot of patience. Ii is important to know, who’s sponsoring the costs for the plantation and who takes care for the preservation. Especially during the first years the tree needs a lot of watering. You might also find a nearby nurserygarden, that is sponsoring a tree. The nursery garden staff can also support you in terms of care during the first years.

It is important to pick the right tree because it should match with the habitat. Trees are planted in autumn. Reformation day (31.10.) is a perfect starting point – e.g. after a church service or with a commemoration.

It’s best to register the newly planted tree instantly on our map or you become godparents for care taking.

a tree


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