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Trees need care.

Why is it necessary to preserve a tree, whilst it grows by itself?

This is true and also untrue.


Many Luther trees stand exposed. Most of the tree species feel comfortable in community with other trees. If they stand individually and maybe close to a busy road, they need special care. It also means to clean the environment or to cut the grass or brushwood under the tree. In any case you need to contact the owner of the property. You can get information at the local church or municipality.

Sometimes rotten branches need to be cut. Therefore you definitely need an expert. It might be necessary to collect some funding.

With your landlord or landlady’s agreement you can place a sign or a geocache, so your work will not  be forgotten. How to place a geocache is content of another part of this website.

    To register a sponsorship

    Register your tree’s sponsorship for publishing it on our map. Interested people can contact you via this website. You can also link yourself with other “tree godparents”.


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